Sunday, May 30, 2010

instructional ~ how to care for tillandsias

post by terreliza

~about~ tillandsias, or air plants as they are also known, belong to the bromeliad family. they collect nutrients and water through scales on their leaves instead of through their roots. 

~step one~ when you first meet your tillandsia, immerse it in tepid water and then allow it to dry. 

~housing~ air plants like a bright position near a window, but not direct sun where they will burn. in offices, fluorescent lighting should be adequate. air plants do not like frost. 

~drinking~ a misting or dunking in water (take it out of the orb first!) once a week should keep your air plant happy. in dry conditions, or in an air conditioned or heated environments, your plant may require more water. the plant should be almost dry between waterings. too much water is worse for air plants than too little.

~eating~ tillandsias absorb most of what they need from the air. if you think it is necessary, you can spray your airplant with a very dilute seaweed solution.

~trouble shooting~
brown leaf tips = dehydration or too much sun 
limp, soft or shrinking leaves = dehydration
yellowing or dropping leaves = too much water
reaching of leaves = not enough light 

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