team terradctl

terreliza ~ robotanist and anarchaeologist.
terreliza is our resident green thumb and the only one with an actual qualification in botany. when she's not keeping the rest of the team in line, you'll probably find her making something with power tools or robo-stitching on one of her home-engineered sewing contraptions.

june buggy ~ ex-jillaroo and holder of the tt mechanical bullriding trophy.
june is a feisty gen-y free spirit, recently returned from her gap year working on a cattle station in the australian outback. when she's not in the tt office (which is most of the time), you'll probably find her riding her postie bike along the coast road with her guitar strapped to her back.

repete ~ tt’s resident carny and occasional mummy’s boy.
repete is the younger twin of the Golden Child, pete, and in twenty two years still hasn't quite dealt with coming out second. when he's not being tt's resident grumpy old man, you might find him in a cravat playing chess with the other old men in the park. or, if it's well after dark, dancing with his top off in the latest trendy nightclub.