Tuesday, May 25, 2010

facebook killed the postcard star

post by june buggy

seriously, who writes letters anymore? even my nanna has a facebook page so she can pick my future husband out of the drunken, artistically angled iphone snaps that my so-called friends post the morning after. And by ‘post’ i mean post online. gone are the days of the 45 cent stamp (i hear they’re 55 cents now! outrageous!) and waiting two days for delivery, or more if you live more than a city away. me and my gen y mates want, nay need, instant gratification, even when we’re spread across the four corners of the globe (yes, i know it is spherical, thanks). facebook killed the postcard star and nobody’s hand writing an obituary.

but just say i was going to write a postcard, perhaps to my nan. this is the one i’d go for. she loves a good plant and would certainly appreciate this little number from postcarden. shame about all those pesky quarantine laws– i guess i’ll just send her some pixels instead.

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